About Me

Hiya, I'm Casey, the giggly and happy girl behind the lens. I am a portrait photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

I am a wife, momma to 2 of the most incredible sweet girls, dog mom to 2 crazy rescue pups, former elementary school teacher & hospitality guru, believer that love always wins & kindness is powerful, and will always find the good & the light. I specialize in family & portrait photography, which can be families of all ages, maternity, fresh new babes, seniors in high school, couples, headshots, weddings, and everything in-between. Consider me your "photographer for all seasons of life." ;) My favorite pictures include belly-laughs, natural joyful smiles, and tender sweet moments. 

I love coffee ice cream. Speaking of coffee...Dunkin's coffee with extra cream, please. I used to make magic at Disney World - ask me about it! Teaching holds an incredibly special place in my heart. Holding my two daughter's hands will forever be my favorite, no matter how big they get. I have a sweet & loyal doggy. The smell of Ponderosa Pines, the sound of Aspen leaves in the wind, and the feel of the fresh mountain air makes me close my eyes and smile. I used to not be a camper - now I own a popup and my husband loves me that much more. Hiking, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors is my FAVORITE and is where my love of photography began. The sun setting on the Sandia Mountains will NEVER get old, try me. The corniest jokes make me laugh the most. Awkward is my specialty, so know that at your photo session, I will always be more awkward than you! 

Inclusivity Statement:

Please know, Casey Thomas Photography is a safe & loving space for all races, religions, sexual orientations and identities. I understand each individual is unique and honor & celebrate the differences. I am here to tell your story, exactly as it is and how YOU are, as individually YOU. Come as you are and know that all are welcome here!

me and my family:

fun facts about casey:

i was almost born breech and had a cast my whole first year of life!

Yes, you read that right! My Momma had an emergency c-section, and since my hips weren't developed properly I was immediately put in a cast from my hips down. The Red Sox team doctor at the time, Dr. Pappas, was my doctor! At age 1 my cast was removed and I learned to crawl and walk. My parents said even with how hard it was that year, I was the happiest baby!

number of states you've visited and your favorite:

I have visited 31 of 50 states. My favorite is Utah because there is SO much to see in this gorgeous western state. A close second is Colorado. My goal is to visit all 50 and every National Park in the US.

tell me about your family:

My husband Justin is a middle school math teacher and we've been married since 2012! My 2 girls are absolute rays of sunshine. Callie is spunky and sassy like her Dad, and Maddie is soft-spoken, thoughtful, and kind like her momma. Ari is a black lab/retriever mix we rescued in 2013, and is the most loyal and stubborn old girl who collapses into a puddle for a tummy rub. Ollie is a collie/siberian husky mix we rescued in 2022, and is an anxious and high-energy ball of love that cries with joy when we get home.


I applied for and got drawn for the Wave hike in Arizona. The odds are so slim!! It was EPIC.

Client Love Notes

The Johnson Family

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"Casey did an amazing job on fall photos for our family. She was incredibly kind and patient with our family and the pictures came out amazing. We will keep coming back to her for our family photos and highly recommend."

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